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Thanks everyone for your feedback on my last post- it was very helpful and I'm feeling really pumped up for chapter 2 of Overland. XD I've been working on the outline for Chapter 2 (which I will use when making the script/name) and after I finish that I'm going to jump into doing the groundwork for the chapter keeping a lot of things in mind. This probably means that there might be a bit of time (I'm hoping to use this month to do it all) in between now and when Chapter 2 starts, but I'm a bit reluctant to put a sign saying "hiatus" up on the comic since it's not really a hiatus as much as it's just me taking time to cover all my bases.

T-though...I'm acting like I don't have that 25 page paper hanging over my shoulder plus the 30 pages of fiction I need to have done by early May...but I will persevere! Dammit!

Let's just all hope I can get a job too. D:

Today we went to downtown DC to see the Sakura Matsuri (bleh), and view the plethora of sakura trees in bloom in the capital (yay!). I took...a lot more pictures than I intended to. Now I'm all nostalgic for Kyoto again. :(

So yeah...

Feb. 25th, 2009 11:54 pm
amae: (the things unsaid)
By the way, if anyone on the flist is still interested in the Overland contest, the deadline is this Sunday which I...probably should have mentioned a while ago.

Oh god, I fail at contests. D:

Man, all I want to do is draw the next page but I totally keep on getting cockblocked by schoolwork/job searching/absolute despair (the antispirals have WON! Yes, I did throw a GL reference there because I'm awesome)...uuuugh. I guess it'll just have to be this Friday, or something.

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