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Though this time it's not shameless!

Alternate. READ THIS COMIC. IT IS MADE OF CONCENTRATED AWESOME. It's been a very, very long time since I've come across a comic that has been able to make me laugh with quite nearly every page, if not all of them. And the girl who does this stuff is 15. Yeah, FIFTEEN. I wish I had an ounce of that ability when I was fifteen, sob. :(

While the art is not all that impressive the for first few pages, it quickly becomes more confident, and then you realize how skilled the author is with her comics. I mean, if you can make pages of talking heads actually work, that takes skill (the key is in the expressions of the characters, and she is genius at that IMO). Seriously, you can really tell this girl has her own style and is probably going to take over the world someday with it.

So go, read!

Heh. I might actually start pimping out comics more often...there might be a lot of crap comics out there, but there are a lot of gems too. ♥
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I realized that I haven't yet pimped this out public on this journal so this is for those of you who not on the flist~

What could these guys be talking about?? Why Overland, of course! It's my ultra special new webcomic which you, of course, should check out. I mean, it's awesome, why wouldn't you? HUH? >(

I mean what other genius piece of work would contain doors with eyes, imps, cute little girls who haven't shown up yet *points at the picture*, and potential love-interests with eyepatches who also haven't shown up yet?

You should totally check it out, it'll rock your world.

Ridiculous sales pitching aside, I'm having a lot of fun doing this comic and I think (and hope!) it's showing in the pages. ♥ There are 7 pages of the story up so far (with some filler stuff inbetween), and the comic as of right now updates on Monday and Wednesday with what I like to call as Freebie Fridays on Fridays which is a catchy way of saying I do filler stuff on Fridays.

And just your luck, Viktor (I finally settled on that being his name after pondering for waaay too long) has made his first appearance (of a sort) with today's update!

I won't be talking that much about Overland (aside from the silly in-progress picture and such) on this journal, so if you want to keep up with it, just check the site out~

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