Apr. 24th, 2008 12:59 am
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Some more sample art for the X-men manga project

I...still don't understand the pure vitriol I'm seeing for this. D: Especially after now seeing the art for the Wolverine comic...I think it looks good lol. At least they don't seem to be going the shoujo route for Wolverine anymore (this does seem to suit him more any how). As far as the shoujo thing goes...the art is really not that bad guys, WTF are you talking about? Yeah it looks typical shoujo, but er, wasn't that the point? Or maybe I'm missing something here. And looking at the people writing it, they seem to have gotten people (okay, I really only know of the people writing the shoujo version, so I'm not saying anything about the Wolverine comic) who know what they're doing.

I just kind of feel confused about how a project that looks at the very least okay is getting shat on from all directions lol. I do think it might have been a better idea if the wanted to do something manga-esque to just...make up a new story, but this is Marvel so I'm not too surprised that they didn't stray too far from what they normally do. I think the key here is not in the art (which again, IS NOT THAT BAD) but in the writing. I guess we'll see how things go.

In other news I have decided that that hot boy from my club who is actually a megane danshi and an adorkable bundle of wonderfulness is also possibly the most moe boy I've ever met. The only thing that's left is for him to dress like a butler and then I'll literally explode. slkjdfs WHY MUST YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND D: *throws chairs in a fit of RAGE*

...Anyway. Tomorrow is my last trip to Takarazuka. :( What will I do without androgynous women only one and a half hours away from me now? I can't return to a world without that!
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1. Do I have a distinct style of drawing?
2. If so, what exactly is it that defines my "style"?
3. Would you say my art usually follows a 'theme'?
4. Is there anything I really need to improve on or change?
5. Does my style (if I have one) remind you of/look like the style of anyone else?
6. Judging from whatever art of mine that you've seen, what do you think I do the best at?
7. What do you think I suck at?

Though I think we all know the answers to 4 and 7 (which are basically the same question, huh) lol.

I've actually been drawing a lot lately, but since I have no scanner readily available to me I can't show a lot of things here. Also, I need to finish my comic for manken before I leave, ugh! So busy, I don't know what to do with myself.
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...Guess I should show you guys what I was working on like, all of my spring break while my friends were in Okinawa. SWEET.

So as I said before a few times I contributed to a manga anthology the manga club I'm in did. I think...mainly it was just the 1st years and 2nd years who did it, but it was divided by year and I was with the 2nd years and such was in the 2nd year anthology. What you see up there is the cover for it, which I did, and I really think that was because no one actually wanted to draw a cover. And so they kind of all just turned to us and said, "...hey, the exchange students won't be here for long let's make them do it! :D It'll be cultural experience. Or something."

Bear in mind this cover has nothing to do with the actual comic I made. Nor does it have anything to with..well, anything. :D Title (which is not written here) "Manga no Tatsujin" (The Masters of Manga)...but if I had it my way it'd be called Serpentine Aircraft. Why? Well, you never ask why BLEACH is called BLEACH do you? There you go.

Now for the comic. Congrats, you guys get this in (poorly translated) English because I'm too embarrassed that someone who actually knows how to read Japanese will read the Japanese version and realize how terrible it is. At least the club members know how to lie and tell me it doesn't read like a 2-year-old wrote it. :D
Tanjoubi Omedetou (Happy Birthday), 12 pages )

Anyway, despite everything I'm saying I really did enjoy working on this and for the most part like the results when I take in mind that I did this in a week, basically. It's been a while since I've really sat myself down and worked on pages non-stop like that, and I missed the feeling. Also, writing a story in Japanese (especially when you thought the plot up in English) so hard. Furthermore, translating it back into English is even harder. I tried to translate meaning without changing how things were said too much, but the fact is that as far as manners of speaking and just...things that sound natural in both languages go, there are quite a few differences. Things that might use two speech bubbles in Japanese may only need one in English and so on. The language aspect of this project was really interesting!

After during this in, I spent the day helping put the book was pretty amazing. It basically took the whole day of us surrounding the copy machine and ordering the pages in such a way that they would print was much harder than I thought it would be! But it was great, since everyone was working together to make this anthology that we all participated in a reality. It's really just a bunch of pages stapled together (so it doesn't look professional or anything at all), but there was a lot of heart put into and that's really what mattered. I can't explain to you how awesome it felt finally holding the finished product in my hands (hee, I got to be the first story in the anthology~). I so proud I couldn't stop showing people the book over the next few days. It was probably ridiculously obnoxious, but whatever. XD

If I could be here longer, I could participate in another anthology, but I guess that won't work...I might see if I can get my friend (who is also part of the club and will be spending the summer here) to give them pages that I send to her over the summer, but she doesn't have internet so I wonder if that will really work. Hmmmm. Ugh, if only we were part of this club earlier, I could have been part of the perfect bound anthology...! :( Oh well.

BTW, Code Geass second season starts today. WHO'S FUCKING EXCITED?! Woo!
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On good thing about most of my friends being in Tokyo or with their families is it gives me a lot more time to doodle things. Like this guy. No name yet, but I like him, I think he can stay. ♥

Also, thanks for the X-mas wishes~~ Christmas was a lot better than I expected since I got to spend it with a friend's family who came from the US.

Trip to Tokyo in less than a week! Woo!
amae: (Default) the Land of the Rising Sun, that is. For everyone else (it seems), you still have another day to go. At any rate, have a picture.

..Christmas in Japan kind of sucks, btw. It's basically Valentines day times a billion times the loneliness. :( Though I think I just feel this way because I don't have any family members visiting me like everyone else nor do I have a boyfriend to have tag along wherever I go. Which is what happens here. Everywhere.

Oh god, totally not looking forwards to true Valentines Day.

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