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Just came back from a long overdue vacation to Tokyo! :3 I spent waaaaay too much money, but I regret nothing. I never knew how cheap Harajuku could be! Unfortunately, the cheaper something is, the more you buy, haha. But I got so many cute clothes, I'm just so happy. ;_;

I also went with friends to B. Lily Rose, my favorite butler cafe where girls dress up as guys (since it was on Halloween they were all dressed up as vampires and the like--very awesome) and Edelstein, the cafe where the waiters pretend to be boys at a German boarding school. It was ace. We were served by a 'first year' who was all nervous because apparently this was his first time at the place (whether that is true or not is up to debate, but it was cute so I don't care hahaha). Though I think he might have been a bit nervous because we were foreigners. XD; Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun!

Now I'm back at home preparing for my lessons tomorrow. Planning on teaching my kids about family members so I'm drawing pictures of a "mother", "father", "sister", "brother", "grandfather" and "grandmother". Though I'm a bit meh about tomorrow since it's at my least favorite school, I figure you can only dread so much--it's better to take things into your own hands. So hopefully with that in mind tomorrow will go smoothly. We'll see, I guess.

Also working on a belated Halloween picture for Overland, which won't see the light of day until I can finally buy that scanner I've been planning on getting my hands on. Oh well, next month.

Date: 2009-11-04 06:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh my gosh, I love both of those places!! I wish I could have seen the B:Lily Rose Halloween though! It sounds awesome! I'm glad you had fun at Edelstein too!! <333

Date: 2009-11-05 12:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Did you go to the BodyLine store that's above the Terazuka costume shop?? They had a sale this past week just before I came back to Canada which would have been when you were there. I got a dress right before I left for 3000¥, skirt, blouse and hair acessories all included! Hope you found some good stuff ^_^

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