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...just because I feel I haven't posted anything in a while. Sorry, I've mostly been on twitter (complaining) and facebook lately. Still very slowly working on my comic, but I feel a lot better about where things are going at the moment. Let's hope this feeling lasts!
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I've made a little progress. I'm around the middle of the story, at least? Goddamn I'm slow. Partially because of weird things with work at the moment, but even if I use that as an excuse I feel like I'm way to slow at this.

I think I might be being a bit too...thorough with my name? Everyone I've showed it to has shown some measure of surprise at how 'detailed' it is (which is a bad translation since it's not detailed at all, but I mean...detailed as compared to stick figures which a lot of names tend to be). It's really hard for me not to treat this as a rough--I guess I kinda don't trust myself enough to just draw the layout out and know what I'm doing when I'm actually doing the real roughs. That would be all well and good if I were just faster though...well, it's something to think about.

Need to work on angles. Which means I need to continue working on improving how I draw bodies. least it's coming along?

Still sketchy, still slow )

I told myself that my next short comic would be something I haven't rushed and something I'm proud of. Can't let myself down.
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So I decided to do nanomango. Because I really want to get this name (rough) done. LET'S DRAWING.

Also I'm not cool enough to already have 9 pages done so you can effectively think of the ninth page as my first page completed since starting nanomango.

Unfortunately this is, again, all in Japanese (and what's more, completely unchecked/corrected Japanese haha) since I have other purposes for this comic. In any case, it's not the most original story in the world, but I figured what the hey, I want to have fun doing this, so I just started working from an idea I had on a whim.

The general story is that there's a girl who isn't aware that she is currently in a dream that is quickly becoming a nightmare. Crazy dream protector guy is sent to stop this from happening! But who or what could be the cause?? Shock and suspense! Unfortunately I'm only at the part where she meets crazy dream guy and totally thinks he's a cosplay otaku going to an event lolz.

9 pages of sketchy sketchiness! )
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Updated Overland. Still working on getting the doujinshi up though.

Aaaaah, it's been a tiring day...
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Happy Belated Birthday/Valentines Day/Japan's National Foundation Day, [ profile] charmwitch!

...this is the first picture I've done completely by tablet in months. Woah.


Feb. 15th, 2010 11:00 am
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SO glad I have the day off today. I was dying yesterday. ANYWAY. People asked me for a report of this weekend, which I shall do!

About Boy Bands and Comics )

Anyway, I will fanbarf about BIGBANG later. Now I will talk about Comitia, which is why you're all reading this I know.

About selling stuff at Comitia )

About the Publisher's Corner at Comitia )

So that was about it. Overall, it was a very good experience! I'll post my comic here later, though don't expect to be blown away. I was working on it until the day of the event, and it shows. Next time I'm giving myself enough time to finish the pages and send them to a printer so everything comes out the way I want it to come out. Uggghhh.

EDIT: Oh, speaking of which, I forgot to talk about the crazy last minute nightmares that happened right before the event!
About Murphy's Law in action )


Jan. 14th, 2010 12:10 am
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Lol Japanese.

I like it much better now that I've added tones to it. Not sure why. But doing tones by hand sure is fun. Started seriously working on the next Overland page, but...I think I may have to start over. I was doing it on the computer to save time, but I seriously enjoy doing things by hand now, so I might try to redo the page by hand. We'll see. Either way, Overland should be updating soon! If you cared to know, anyway.
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More shit )

Kinda unfinished. Will try to finish it later, when I'm not feeling out of sorts. The dude in the middle is the third main character in Overland, btw.


Jan. 5th, 2010 12:08 am
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Bought a new scanner today, finally. It's great and light! Though I ended up giving in and getting an A4 scanner--oh well, there's always scanning in parts, I guess.

Anyway, with a scanner, now I can show you the random stuff I've worked on on and off over the past few months. Not that impressive, but I'm learning. I particularly like toning by hand--will try to do that with at least some of the Overland pages.

More art behind the cut~ )
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Testing out my new tablet. Oh man, it's beautiful. You really don't know what you're missing out until you use it...after using a Graphire 2 for 6+ years. Wow. It's kind of hilarious though, since I'm actually trying to draw more on paper for the moment.

Speaking of which, I tried using real tones for the first time...since I was 14? I think? Man, I must have been really stupid or something when I was 14,'s not that hard. It's actually pretty fun! Though time-consuming. But it's infinitely more helpful now since I can just use the copier to print pages out instead of using a computer. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner at the moment so I can't show anything, but yeah.

Now, to sleep! Because I have about four classes that I have to teach by myself tomorrow, yikes.
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...I was trying something new, but it took waaaay too long. :(
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Thanks for all the help guys!

...It's been a while since I've felt as inspired to just...draw like I've been lately. What a relief. At least something's working out. Not to say things are horrible, but I haven't been feeling too well lately for a number of reasons, so it's good that something positive is going on, haha.
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...I'm not sure why I've never drawn Viktor in a top-hat before. It just makes so much sense.

Some practice doodles behind here )
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My first picture on my new computer (incidentally, it's named Ari and its harddrive is Lily since I'm a dork like that). :D I'm feeling a bit more settled, so I finally sat myself down to do a more complete picture. I've been doing little noncommittal sketches here and there for the past week, but it wasn't until now that I felt like I could do a bit more...whew. It's good, since I need to get started on Overland again soon.

Still wish I had a better place to draw though, ugh my back...

The undersketch )
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Haven't done this in a while. Put comic pages, starting from er..2007 (ish?) to now next to each other in a feeble attempt to see if I've improved in the past few years.

Let's take a look.. )

So I can definitely say that I've improved since doing Elliot/Variations on a Theme (the first picture), but it kind of gets hard to say if I've stagnated or not past that point, haha. I guess things have stopped looking as Ribon-esque shoujo as they were for the second page, but that's not saying that much. More blacks, which I think is a good thing, and more backgrounds, which is also a good thing (though I admit that I still need to get better at that...especially how to continually include backgrounds without things looking boring). Anatomy has improved slightly, but that also needs a lot of work. Drawing guidelines for characters' bodies has been a good start and I'm definitely continuing that.

I really need to stop...avoiding drawing things that make me anxious (it's a bad habit that applies not only to drawing, but to just things that make me stressed in general). I want to draw a comic that is mainly told through characters' hands as practice, but the thought is honestly so terrifying I've been putting it off, lol. Maybe I should start a bit slower...

Doing Overland has helped with my mindset when doing comics, and it's become a lot less stressful than it was before but I think I'm ready to push myself a bit more. As soon as I finish writing up stuff for Chapter 2, that's exactly what I plan to do. :)

What do you think?
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2nd update to Overland this week! I only feel like mentioning this because finally, finally Lily has been introduced. At the end of the chapter. Serves me right for drawing the chapter title page before I solidified the script. D:

Since it's a few pages before Chapter 1's end, I've been thinking about how this first chapter has developed and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with myself. Not particularly because this chapter is awesome or anything (it's a bit slow, the humor's sporadic, the backgrounds really need to be tightened up...there are a lot of things that could be improved) but because this is the first time I've actually planned a chapter and more or less finished it. Every other time before I just sort of...decided that a chapter was done just because it seemed that way. I don't know, it feels like I succeeded at organizing myself a little this time around, and my product really improved because I did so. And most of all, doing Overland has continuously been fun--I'm glad it's staying that way. :)

...and all of this reminds me, I have to finish the script for Chapter 2 soon. D: And make a character page. And stop sucking at hands, for goodness sakes, at this point it's unacceptable how bad I am at them. At least I'm getting more comfortable with backgrounds, I guess.
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So I drew my third page for Overland in a month today.

I know this might sound slackerly and stupid, but my God am I relieved. The one thing that had been really eating at me for the past four months was the complete absence of any inclination to draw. And it wasn't like I didn't want to...but I'd start and just the accompanying drive to continue wouldn't come at all. So I'd have a page of Overland sitting there for weeks and weeks and it'd be like pulling teeth just to get myself to finish it. And even when I finished it there was...nothing. No joy, not sense of accomplishment.

I was terrified.

But slowly, day by day it's been getting better. A lot better. Finishing this last page of Overland was ten times easier and just more fun than the first page I did this month. I'm just...I'm so happy. You don't even know.

In other news- [ profile] eto! I got your present! Thank you soooo much!! ;o; The cookies and's perfect (I was looking for a mini-sketchbook too!). Y'know, I was thinking of maybe coming up to Washington for my Spring Break...we'll see how that goes, eh? :D

Just one more day until I leave for Japan, eeee!
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I'm sick. At the worst possible time ever too. Wonderful. Ugh, if I can survive through Tuesday then most of my problems will be solved...I just wish I wasn't dragging my feet on this Japanese project. I'm nearly done but I can't seem to get myself to really finish it off.

Ugh, I just want to be in Japan again. =_= I can't stop thinking about January. Everything will probably be different, but I can't help but feel excited just to experience the little things like riding the Hankyu train again. I miss trains. And buses too, to an extent.

Uuugh got to get back to my Japanese presentation.

Oh, and here's the kind of shit comic I was talking about last month.
A Maiden's Heart )
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Overland has been updated.

I usually don't post update notices to this journal but I figured, hey, it's the first comic page (or really, art) that I've done in ages so why not. I'm still struggling but hopefully I'll get back to drawing regularly soon. It's as much a block (I have plenty of ideas I want to draw) as it is this weird feeling of being completely lost when I start to draw. I don't know what to make of it- I've never felt this way before.
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...let me show off the reason why I made the flist participate in that picture ranking exercise! :D

I'm featured in this week's "The Gallery" column on Anime News Network. So if you want to read a bit about my boring ass, go there right this instant! I'd say more but I'm currently a bit brain-fried, so I should probably get back to trying to go to sleep.

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